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Word Count:
Minimum word count 400 words but bigger and more interesting/useful is better.

Images optional but helpful.
Image size for featured: 1280px x 720px

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Guest posts are an excellent way to gain additional exposure and highlight your skills as a writer. If you’re an indie game designer or developer and have any advice, stories and relevant information please get connected. If you’re a gamer that desires to share your opinion, please ensure it’s well-researched, avoids profanity and provides a structured opinion.

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*Please spell-check, proof and then proof again.

Topics for Guest Posts:

  • Game Design
  • Game Development
  • Gaming
  • Games Industry (and industry news)
  • Game Development tips and advice
  • Game Marketing tips and advice
  • Retro Gaming
  • Online Gaming
  • Cloud Gaming
  • Social media and marketing (for gamers)
  • Game blogging
  • Twitch Gaming Advice
  • YouTube Gaming Advice
  • Gaming Listicles
  • Gaming Comparisons

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