archery common problem and solution

Everything is perfectly fine, your stance, nock of the arrow, bow, and release, and you are standing in front of the target, but your arrows keep going up.

You Start Thinking; what’s going on?

If your arrows keep going up, there are two main factors. If it happens continuously, then there is a problem with your implements, but if the occurrence is random, it might be caused by you. Let us discuss some common issue and their solutions.

The main factor of your Arrows keeps going up: Implements/Archer

As many factors affect the deviation of arrows, so to equate the uphill deviation of arrows to a single cause is a little impossible.

  • The main thing you should keep in mind is how much your arrows are going high and which sequence are they following because it’s not the same if the first time a couple of shots go high and second time only one arrow follows this tendency.
  • As machines are more reconcilable then humans even a bow which is a mechanical machine, there is a problem with your implements if your arrows keep going up constantly
  • On its opposite, there is a problem with archer if your shoots are going high randomly, even if only one arrow hits the target.
  • Before starting, you should check out that all your implements are fine; otherwise, go to your nearest archery shop and complete all your implements.

Implement Problem

As we describe above, the upward deviation of arrows is caused by implementing a problem, but it’s not wholly mean that you have to replace your equipment because most of it is just a matter of calibration.

The most common problem

You are using only a sight if you are shooting with an Olympic style or with a compound bow, maybe it sounds clear but sometimes, the wrong opinion about sight cause problem.

Before calibrating the sight, the first thing you have to keep in mind is to check if it correctly fixed to the bow. As it’s a short piece of gear, every shot gives rise to a vibration that sometimes sucks up by sight, any vibrational energy is delivered to the sight and transmitted to a big vibration.

You should adjust the target if you are pretty sure that sight cannot affect by the vibration. Try to fix it to the shoot, but there is a question; how do we remember it?’’ The sight follows the arrow.’ It is the easiest way to remember it. This phrase means if your shot is going high, then you should keep your arrow high.

Hollow rim design bow

That’s the simplest way to check and correct your sight problems.

When the archer causes the arrow to go high As I mentioned before if some of the shots you hit going up, this is a sign that indicates that it happens just because of you, but on the other side if other shots go to different directions, it suggests that it maybe happens because of the shooter.

The first thing to check is your bow grip

Some archers, especially beginners, think that, if they grip the bow more tightly, then the shot will be steadier. Well, on its contrary, if you grip the bow tightly, any movement or twist you do is transmitted to your bow, altering the teer trajectory. This gripping is mostly called death gripping.

To put a lot of compression on the lower part of the handle is not much common, the arrow will go up by printing little upward torque on the riser.

You should grab the bow slightly without using the whole hand to fix it. Moreover, if you make 45-degree the angle of your knuckles with rising, your score will surely rise as you grip the bow more accurately.

Watch out for Flexing on your wrist.

Sometimes the shooters cannot grip the bow with their wrist not fully steady. It is also a second big mistake that mostly archers make. After releasing, they bend it little uphill, turning the bow up, and the shot will plot above the mid.

There are many ways to fix it but the easiest way is to follow the recommendations that I tell for grip. If you grab the bow in the same way as to grip, you will be less dominating and leave it to stir naturally

Mostly this also helps you to use a bow sling. You can use bow without grabbing it by this small device.

 Are you Estimating the Distance Correctly?

Sometimes miscalculation of the distance may also cause the shot landing above the centre. You should check the distance if you are shooting from a fixed distance. Many reasons move it, either using the sight, slit shooting, or any other compensation procedures for various distances, and your shot will reach above the target.

Maybe you are incorrectly guesstimating the target distance if you are practising any archery flair. It can occur if you are practising 3d archery flair or field archery.

Just visualize that you are shooting in a field where you have to set a target and distance by yourself, you will definitely make a mistake in calculating the distance, well some people don’t make a mistake and shoots right, but the number of such peoples is too less, and they have so much experience.

 Beginner Archers often overlook the following Cause.

If your shots randomly land above the target, equipment may be the cause of this deviation. If there is anything that beginner archers overlook is to check out their arrows. One of them may be completely broken, or the other one is bend. If the target is missed by you and hit other hard things like the wall, the arrow will bend without breaking. If the arrow is made up of aluminium, then it always misses the target.

The simplest solution is to check out your arrows regularly, and if there is any problem with it, exchange it.


Now you know that what to do when your arrows keep going up. Remember, pay attention first; if your shots continuously go up, check out your implements, and if your shots go high randomly, then check your form, stance, release, and check out the distance you made from the target.

These some tips will surely help you to decrease your uphill deviation until you start landing in the centre.

I hope this article will help you. If you have some other tips to decrease your upward deviation, then please leave a comment below.