You are surely thinking to start archery if you are reading this article. You might doubt that is archer is right for you as just a game, or you have to select it as a profession. Most people play archery just for fun, and some also opt it as their profession and entirely depend on it for their survival. In this article, I will discuss the questions arise in the mind of archers who start game recently, and I also explain, what makes archery fun. It helps you decide whether you want to play archery or is this right for you.

Short answer:

Usually, an archer is all about improving your precision by perfecting your technologies. Archery is one of the best individual sport that has a lot of social elements. Involving in the game is to easy and seems like a fun, but When you start playing archery, focus on your arrow and bow instead of focusing on your score. If you start looking for your rating, in the beginning, it maybe makes you furious, and you lost the fun, you will get from shooting.

Why I like archery:

I am in archery for five years, and now I love to play archery and meet archer fellows. The following are some characteristics of archery that I like. 

  • Individual and social

As we all know, archery is an individual game in which you don’t need a team to participate. Archery is the only sport in which you can train yourself on your own, which is different from other individuals games like bat Bintan. Sometimes I want to go to a training club for the shoot; whenever I think, I just clear my thoughts.

On the other side, it’s natural that we want to show off our skills, and for that, we start socialization. Archery is also a social sport, but a little while. So, sometimes I want to socialize more. I met archer fellows and make great friends .even we all are giving best to make ourselves a good shooter. Everyone likes to help others. but there is also a dark side of socialization; many archers became furious when their score falls, you should not take worry about other peoples when your score drops, because they did not affect by your loss. 

You can participate in group competition if you want where different personalities put on their unconventional outlooks. But I always prefer to shoot individually because I have the experience of participating in a team where there were many arguments about other players’ performance.

  • Outdoor and indoor

One of the most significant advantages of archery is, you can either shoot inside or outside .because I like to shoot form a large distance; therefore I choose to play in a field, but I also know many fellow archers who want to shoot inside, however, its depends on our mode and even on the weather. It would always be better to shoot indoors, based on the ongoing situation.

  • Always Striving for a better score

Everyone wants to improve his/her game and beat every challenge. Archery is also a challenge, so every archer wants to know how much he makes better than before .you can easily find out how much better you are than before. If you shoot 180 in your last training and 200 in practice previously, you can see easily that you are improving, .but other sports make it a little complicated.

  • The Technical side of Archery

Archery has a technical side; also, yeah, many players indeed get it very difficult, but actually, I like it most because it makes me think differently; I want to try different techniques and find out one of them that works on me better than the others. This is only one point that is more complex and diverse from other sports. For example with cricket, of course, you have to learn the basic techniques, but you spend most of your time in practice .every thing depends on your techniques in archery if your techniques are not good and you are practising all the time then definitely your score falls.

teer target

Is Archery hard Sport to learn?

Is archery easy to learn? It’s a common question which everyone asks me. And the answer depends on your expectations. If you want to participate in Olympics, then definitely you need to work hard, and if you’re going to play archery just for fun and time pass, then it is so easy as you don’t need to work hard.

How to make Archery even more fun

I love to play archery, but sometimes it starts boring me when I start shooting on a big target. But due good, fortunately, some many things and processes will surely make your boring game, an exciting game. Letus discuss them;

  • Shoot at fruits and vegetables

Do you have some fruits or vegetables that you don’t like or cannot eat, use them to make your game funny, start practising on different fruits, and make your game interested?

  • Bursting balloons and eggs

Bursting balloons and eggs give you peace, especially when you get frustrated, and your mind needs a relaxable sound. It will be very significant if you want to increase your challenge, you can use small water balloons to do so.n

  • Shoot at a moving target

You can make your challenge more complicated by making it move. For example, fit any plate with a tire and give it a little wind and try to shoot, you will find it difficult. It’s a little challenge that makes your game extra interested.

  • Have a competition with a friend

Organized a competition with any archer fellow and set a target with any challenge like moving target or popping fruit. It forces you to beat your competitors that will surely improve your game.

  • 3D Archery

You can make your game more adventures by changing it into 3d vision; you can buy 3d archery targets and make it at home, add more fun in your game by hiding your goal behind the bushes.

teer target

Why archery sometimes became so frustrated:

No doubt, archery is an adventure game, but sometimes players get furious while shooting. It happens when you want to score well, but you don’t know how it happens. Furthermore, an archer became more frustrated when his techniques are not working well, and he did not understand what’s going wrong. This makes you leave the game and sometimes forever.

I had this precisely 3 months ago; I set a target to shoot 250 in 10 minutes. But I only score 110 in 10 minutes, this makes me so sad, but I don’t lose hope and again start shooting, in my second attempt, my score reduced to 98 in 10 minutes. I became so furious and decided to leave it forever . after an hour suddenly, I start shooting, and then again, my score falls. Then I said no, there is a problem with my techniques, so I recorded myself and found my mistakes. Finally, I get my error and start shooting again then I compete with my challenge.

It’s a good idea to focus on your techniques if you are also in such a situation. Try to concentrate on your methods instead of focusing on the result. If you are disappointed, you should switch to new and different techniques.


Archery is an 

adventures game but sometimes it makes players frustrated as it is not an easy game, but luckily many things add more fun in your sport like 3d archery, bursting on ballons and eggs, moving target, etc.,