Are you looking for the “Teer Game”? Just relax because you are going to have all the information about this. In this article, we are going to tell you everything about the Teer Game that is being played in Khanapara, Shillong, Guwahati & many other parts of India & North-East. All you need to do is to keep visiting the website.

teer game

What is Teer Game?

“Teer” actually means arrow. So Teer Game is an advanced type of archery game which is played in many Indian states and North-East which is very much based on your luck & your dreams. You purchase tickets for the game and select a random number between 1-100. And if you choose the number same as the teer result, you win some money. The money you win, maybe 20-40 times the money you put before the game.

How does Game Works?

People play Teer game by choosing the different numbers from 0 to 99 where the price of every number is different. People can buy these numbers from the counter that sell these numbers. A group of players starts the game by hitting a target point by the arrows. Every player hit 50 arrows. After hitting they count a number of arrows that hit the target. For example, if 750 arrows hit the target. The last two digits of this number will be winning numbers. So, the winning number will be 50 on that round or on that day. The players are hired from the remote areas on per day wage that can be 300/day.

Teer Dream Numbers:

People mostly use to play Teer Game regarding their dreams, they see the last night. You can get an idea about the number that should be chosen based on your last night dream.

People play with money ranging from 10-100 while many people also play in lacs.

Dream Number
Man 5
Women 6
Water 7
Dead People 9
Round Thing 0
Playing Teer Itself You will win definitely

Teer Formula:

Teer result of the previous day is required to derive a teer formula.

Suppose yesterday’s result was



Now, take a pen & paper and note it down as MN-PQ

Calculate in the following pattern.

  • M+Q & P-N

You will find a single number.

  • Q-P & Q – N/M or Q + N/M

You will find a single number.

Following the above pattern, you will calculate addition & subtraction for all M, N, P & Q.

Sometimes your addition cannot cross 9 which mean that u cannot add 8 and 3 or 5 and 7. In that case, keep the value of one digit and carry on.

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