shillong teer game

Here are some important questions their answers and great Tips to ensure win the game.

Q1: How do you play Teer Game?

If you want to play the teer game then you have to reach your nearest archery club and buy the tickets, then choose any number between 00 to 99. The result of first-round announced between 2:30 PM to 3:00 pm and a result of the second round declared between 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm. In this game the participants can win 80 rupees by spending only 1 rupee in the first round on the other hand participants can earn 60 rupees by spending every 1 rupee in the second round.

If a person takes part in both rounds, then he will surely win a lot of money about 4000 rupees for every gambled. That’s makes so many peoples take part in this game. But there is a risk in this game. Also, many peoples win, but several players lose a lot of money while playing this game as it’s a betting game.

Q#02: How do you calculate the teer result?

Based on arrows(teer) hit on the target Senior officials calculate the teer result. the official collects the Teers that hit on the target and make a bundle of ten. This makes officials count arrows very fastly. While officials are counting the arrows, they ignore the hundred from counting, and the remaining two digits became the winning number.


If the total hit arrows on the target were 328, then the officials remove hundredth place means 4 removed and 28 becomes the winning number. More examples are bellowed to understand better.

  1. If the total hit count is 528, then the winning g number is 28.
  2. If the total hit count is 239, then the winning number is 39.

maghlaya teer

Q#03: what is Shillong teer number?

To calculate the common teer number of Shillong and others follow the following steps:

  1. first of all, keep an eye on every teer club result.
  2. It would help if you were update and active with the last two or three month’s teer results.
  3. Calculate and compare the next number with the last one.
  4. Keep in mind the clubs who play the same date.

Q#04: How is teer played in Shillong?

People go daily to the place where this gameplay, i.e. Archeries club. In Shillong, this game played between 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM. People choose their lucky numbers between 00 to 99 and buy the tickets of betting from the counter. Then they have to wait until the result is displaced. Then they match their numbers. If the number of your ticket became the same as the displayed number, later he/she became a winner of this teer game. Once he/she announce the teer’s game-winner, then he/she have to go to the counter and received his/her reward.


            In this article, I  tell you how to play the game of Shillong, how to calculate our result, and the main point what I said in this article is “ how to know the common number that helps us to choose the right number”. In short, this information surely helps you to win the game and get a lot of money. I also give some tips that surely help you to win the game. 

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