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” khanapara teer game is a great deal of fun when various social orders can also play ”

You can check the daily and previous results of Khanapara/Guwahati on our website without any trouble.  We always keep the current and previous results updated. So for every teer encounter, don’t forget to visit our website. One more thing, always keep checking our Khanapara common numbers, such as hit numbers, house, and ending numbers. These common numbers can help you to predict the lucky numbers.

Teer Target Khanapara || Guwahati Teer Result Today

Khanapara is a territory in Guwahati, Assam, India. It is Locate in the extreme south of Guwahati, and it is the centre point for local transportation. The College of Veterinary Science is situated here with different workplaces of the Veterinary branch of Assam. Ganesh Mandir Indoor Stadium and Regional Science Center are arranged here. The popular game played here is the khanapara teer game.

   Khanapara Teer Result
Date    FR SR
18-September-2020 khanapara teer khanapara teer
Khanapara Teer Dream/ Common Number


The name showed up from the Hindi word “teer” which implies a bolt. The historical backdrop of the Indian teer game is likewise fascinating. It was not a game in the old times. It was the principle of basic instinct that inborn individuals utilized for assurance and nourishment. They relied upon the teer aptitudes for their fundamentals in India. Around then, the innovation very little evolved, and people are still in the transformative stage. This arrow based weaponry is the best creation for humanity. It is, for the most part, use for getting nourishment in Jungles and feed the family.

Khanapara Common Number /Targeted Today (18-September-2020)

   Khanapara Common Number
Direct    House Ending
57,43 1 9
52,21 2 5
Khanapara Teer Dream/ Common Number

Khanapara Teer Previous Result 

Date    FR SR
18-September-2020 khanapara teer khanapara teer
17-September-2020 75 24
16-September-2020 03 83
15-September-2020 31 71
14-September-2020 82 54
12-September-2020 00 22
11-September-2020 81 75
10-September-2020 27 61
9-September-2020X 58 57
8-September-2020 55 24
7-September-2020 93 34
4-September-2020 59 32
3-September-2020 11 00
02-September-2020 38 59
01-September-2020 79 19
31-August-2020 89 12
29-August-2020 off off
28-August-2020 59 44
27-August-2020 61 30
26-August-2020 43 67
25-August-2020 84 71
24-August-2020 87 49
22-August-2020 X X
21-August-2020 28 05
20-August-2020 41 12
19-August-2020 11 27
18-August-2020 43 79
17-August-2020 90 17
8-June-2020 Corona Corona
24 March 2020 Corona Corona
23 March 2020 XX XX
22 March 2020 OFF Sunday OFF Sunday
21 March 2020 OFF OFF
20 March 2020 33 64
19 March 2020 67 14
18 March 2020 57 68
17 March 2020 88 03
16 March 2020 06 06
15 March 2020 OFF Sunday OFF Sunday
14 March 2020 43 44
13 March 2020 97 09
12 March 2020 79 45
11 March 2020 17 83
10 March 2020 OFF OFF
09 March 2020 35 97
08 March 2020 OFF Sunday OFF Sunday
07 March 2020 26 36
06 March 2020 31 26
05 March 2020 90 31
04 March 2020 94 99
03 March 2020 21 30
02 March 2020 82 80
01 March 2020 OFF Sunday OFF Sunday
Khanapara Teer  Results February 2020
Date FR SR
29 February 2020 68 90
28 February 2020 34 85
27 February 2020 90 82
26 February 2020 92 24
25 February 2020 12 49
24 February 2020 21 19
23 February 2020 Off Off
22 February 2020 28 98
21 February 2020 52 61
20 February 2020 99 65
19 February 2020 88 62
18 February 2020 75 95
17 February 2020 54 00
16 February 2020 XX XX
15 February 2020 38 88
14 February 2020 90 37
13 February 2020 35 77
12 February 2020 XX XX
11 February 2020 21 56
10 February 2020 42 93
09 February 2020 XX XX
08 February 2020 94 49
07 February 2020 81 88
06 February 2020 03 25
05 February 2020 24 83
04 February 2020 13 99
03 February 2020 74 40
02 February 2020 XX XX
01 February 2020 33 03
Date FR SR
31 January 2020 07 36
30 January 2020 24 48
29 January 2020 38 77
28 January 2020 28 89
27 January 2020 95 14
26 January 2020 XX XX
25 January 2020 29 75
24 January 2020 03 05
23 January 2020 72 12
22 January 2020 71 64
21 January 2020 75 36
20 January 2020 93 71
19 January 2020 XX XX
18 January 2020 98 54
17 January 2020 48 73
16 January 2020 11 98
15 January 2020 13 30
14 January 2020 26 08
13 January 2020 43 05
12 January 2020 XX XX
11 January 2020 05 30
10 January 2020 34 13
09 January 2020 69 40
08 January 2020 43 48
07 January 2020 07 51
06 January 2020 08 84
05 January 2020 XX XX
04 January 2020 69 81
03 January 2020 50 85
02 January 2020 75 25
01 January 2020 94 16

Khanapara Teer Result Briefly Explain

Later on, as the people race developed, we will, in general, form urban communities, and the teer is no more requirement for endurance. So the aptitudes of teer players are diminishing radically. At that point, the more cheerful dispositions in the general public made this as a convention is a type of game. By sorting out some playing occasions dependent on this teer game, we can save our custom—what a stunning thought by our predecessors and senior granddads. The round of Teer is a bows and arrows game that played first in Shillong of Meghalaya territory of India. The next spot which you can say secondly acclaimed for this arrow based weaponry sport is Khanapara.

Khanapara (Guwahati)

Generally called “Thom Tim,” Teer is a lottery game dependent on the translation of dreams and arrow based weaponry. The better an individual can decipher goals, the more the odds of winning. There are different speculations about reading thoughts; however, at the centre, the point is to interpret these fantasies into numbers and wager on them. One can wager on a number with as low as INR 1 yet at the same time have a potential for success to win up to INR 80.

assam teer

Khanapara Teer Game:

Khanapara teer game considered the most one of a kind round of lottery on the planet; around 20 archers, a great many meetings accumulate around at the shooting ground every day. First, at 4 pm and afterwards again at 4:30 pm.

 khanapara Teer Counter:

The game is extremely straightforward. You need to foresee the last two digits of the total number of khanapara teer that hit the objective. For instance, if 1,050 teer hit the target, at that point, the winning number is 50, and on the off chance that 1,075 bolts hit, at that point, the winning number is 75, etc. Even though no official figures are accessible, it ensures that there are more than 5,000 “Teer” counters across Meghalaya. Each counter needs a permit to work. It is the proprietors of these counters who are the large fish of this business. One of the khanapara teer counter renowned.

Source of Income:

The khanapara Teer Game is the significant wellspring of pay for a large number of people running khanapara Teer Counters in Khanapara.

Khanapara Teer game directed:

Here day by day arrow based weaponry game is directed by the Khasi Slopes Bows and arrows Sports Affiliation, which is a gathering of 12 bows and arrows clubs from a specific territory of Shillong. Consistently, 50 archers shoot 30 bolts each at 3.30 pm and 20 bolts in the second round at 4.30 pm.

khanapara teer target:

The archers are paid Rs 250 to 300 per day. The customary khanapara teer target is made of stick and is set a ways off of 50 yards. Two khanapara teer results are declared each day — for the first round at 3:30 pm and the second round at 4:30 pm. An individual can win Rs 80 for one bet number in the first round and Rs 60 for the second round.

khanapara Hit numbers:

The khanapara people groups accept that the khanapara numbers are connected with your fantasies. They felt that the khanapara dream numbers give you an indication about the winning number of the following day khanapara teer game.

Khanapara Teer Dream Numbers:

The following is the rundown of Teer Dream Numbers for Teer will assist you with foreseeing the right dream number for your last night’s fantasy.

Dream Number
Any Program or shop 18, 28, 32, 52, 58, 62,
Bamboo 0, 1
Bamboo shoot 1, 11
Banana 11, 3
Bathing in the open 08, 18, 28, 48, 78, 98
Bird 2
Boat 3
Beat feeding 02, 03, 05, 12, 20, 52, 53
Child 2, 3
Crab 6, 2
Cow 34, 42
Cutter, chopper, hummer 07, 17, 27, 4, 67, 71, 87

Khanapara teer formula:

There are numerous formulas utilized for the forecast of khanapara teer game, and the anticipated number is known as khanapara teer common number. There are multiple sites where the consequence of the khanapara teer game was distributed. For example,

The common formula utilized for the forecast of khanapara average number was begun from dream investigation, history examination, date breakdown, playing club history.

Khanapara teer Dream Number Analysis:

In Meghalaya, dreams can make you productive. They (the teer players) state it Teer Dream Number. What it implies is, there are absolute numbers for specific things you find in your fantasies. Be that as it may, they apply this strategy just for the following day of the night when you see the fantasy. it’s referenced

Khanapara teer Dream Number History Analysis previously:

History tells a great deal, and it is the same with Teer as well. Players examinations history to search for any examples if that has rehashing frequently or different insights to Target Teer common Numbers. For example: look at the highlighted areas of the following screenshots:

The above screen capture appears, on the twenty-sixth of February, eight is a typical The high screen capture seems, 8 is an ideal number for both first and second round which likewise showed up on the day preceding.

On 12 February, 4 is the critical number for both rounds.

Date Breakdown:

This technique is hard 1. It investigations the numbers remembered for a date to anticipate the outcomes for that specific date. The figuring incorporates ascertaining the estimation of the names as well. I will give you a nitty-gritty portrayal of this strategy in another article. What’s more, if you can do it without anyone else, at that point following are the Teer esteem Numbers for you.

Primary values Secondary values
1 = 6 1,6 = 4/9
2 = 7 2,7 = 4/9
4 = 9 3,8 = 5/0
5 = 0 4,9 = 1/6
4,9 = 2/7

These techniques are various methods of expectation. Nobody can reveal to you the specific outcomes before it comes. You should have a touch of karma in the khanapara teer game of Guwahati and others.

Khanapara Teer Result FAQ

Q 1: What is Khanapara Teer?

It is a game of archery that is licensed only in Khanapara. All the players and users are requested to visit our website to get the latest updates and Khanapara teer results.

Q 2: How to play the game of Khanapara teer?

This game played in Khanapara, and there is no science behind it. Everyone can efficiently perform this game. You can play Khanapara teer by using an arrow and bow. Another good thing about this game is you can play it daily.

Q 3: Where to find the previous Guwahati/Khanapara teer results?

Those days are gone when it was challenging to find the old results. On this website, along with the latest updates and results, you can also check the previous Guwahati/Khanapara teer results. If you have any doubts about the results, you can visit your nearest Khanapara counter.

Q 4: What is the formula of the Khanapara teer game?

There is no fixed and exact formula to calculate the Guwahati/Khanapara teer lucky numbers. But we have made an effort to set methods so that you can win a lucky number. So, if someone is saying that he can tell you a formula for a lucky number, he/she is lying.

Q 5: What is Khanapara common number today?

Based on previous results and by using the teer result calculation formula, we have calculated the Khanapara common number.

Q 6: What is meant by the Guti number in Khanapara teer?

Predicted numbers played in Khanapara teer are Hit numbers and Guti.

Q 7: What is meant by Khanapara teer target?

Numbers that are predicted as a lucky number in the game of Khanapara teer are known as Khanapara teer targets.

Q 8: Is there any risk of scamming in Khanapara teer?

No, there is no risk of scamming at all. You can play Khanapara teer without any fear.

On our website, you will get the teer results two times a day. You will not only get the latest updates, but you will also get previous results for your city. Shillong teer played by most of the people in Meghalaya. Keep visiting our website to get the latest results.


  The Khanapara Teer Game is an exciting game that has played in Assam and many other states of India. These games played in two rounds. Peoples are waiting Impatiently there result. They are always waiting for their archery outcomes daily. Our website provides you latest Teer News and Khanapara Teer result. Individuals are very excited to know the last judgment figures for Guwahati.

So, we have arranged the final numerals in various tables. These tables are prepared daily and get a new Khanapara result field on the top. Besides, we have also guided the Indian archery. We hope this will most likely help you, so if you want to get today Archery number for teer Khanapara alongside its counter and target information, then you are at the right place.