Juwai Teer Result  Today  [Updated Everyday At 11:AM]

Juwai is the core of Meghalaya, and it is building up every single day. The teer game played all around across numerous states and urban areas in India. A lot of players are associated with this game with their full commitment. The arrow based archery players have spread over the city. The results have likewise pronounced every day.

Juwai Hit Numbers:

Individuals are insane to know the present Juwai Teer result and hit numbers for the two rounds. I should reveal to you that the game separated into two rounds first round and second round. Both of these rounds are played in a 1-hour break in Juwai. Likewise, there is an expanded fever for knowing the hit figures for each state’s down. Juwai/Jowai players can get fast updates for the Juwai results. Just type “juwaiteer” or juwai teer previous results and get the results you are looking for! We are always here to facilitate you regarding juwaiteer.

So all you have to do is just to keep visiting our page and stay connected with us.

  Juwai Teer Result Today 
Date   FR(4:00 PM) SR(4:45 PM)
18-September-2020 khanapara teer khanapara teer
Check Shillong Teer Result
  Jowai Teer Result Today/Jowai Ladrymbai  
Date   FR(4:00 PM) SR(4:45 PM)
18-September-2020 khanapara teer khanapara teer
Check Shillong Teer Result

Juwai Common Number/ Target Today  [Updated Everyday At 11:AM]

  Juwai Common Number
Direct    House Ending
24,76 0 2
01,99 5 9
Jowai Teer Dream Number

Previous Juwai Teer Results 

Date FR SR
18-September-2020 khanapara teer khanapara teer
17-September-2020 29 88
16-September-2020 19 25
15-September-2020 39 15
14-September-2020 28 31
12-September-2020 31 59
11-September-2020 02 09
10-September-2020 33 48
9-September-2020 89 15
8-September-2020 66 38
7-September-2020 07 91
5-September-2020 76 23
4-September-2020 89 37
3-September-2020 26 88
02-Sept-2020 07 X
01-Sept-2020 73 04
31-August-2020 88 87
29-August-2020 66 92
28-August-2020 32 71
27-August-2020 72 98
26-August-2020 98 17
25-August-2020 50 26
24-August-2020 81 09
22-August-2020 68 54
21-August-2020 27 66
20-August-2020 95 18
19-August-2020 60 94
18-August-2020 24 01
17-August-2020 11 80
14-August-2020 73 64
13-August-2020 96 33
12-August-2020 14 79
11-August-2020 65 15
10-August-2020 17 16
08-August-2020 64 22
07-August-2020 74 78
06-August-2020 53 68
05-August-2020 24 56
04-August-2020 02 44
03-August-2020 48 64
01-August-2020 22 43
31-July-2020 09 29
30-July-2020 99 40
28-July-2020 X X
27-July-2020 X X
25-July-2020 86 93
24-July-2020 35 37
23-July-2020 07 99
22-July-2020 04 01
21-July-2020 38 66
20-July-2020 73 81
16-July-2020 60 45
15-July-2020 00 81
14-July-2020 X X
13-July-2020 36 47
11-July-2020 49 28
10-July-2020 77 26
09-July-2020 34 44
08-July-2020 73 62
07-July-2020 04 91
06-July-2020 31 58
04-July-2020 15 90
03-July-2020 73 62
02-July-2020 52 56
01-July-2020 35 61
30-June-2020 70 10
29-June-2020 40 18
27-June-2020 17 96
26-June-2020 79 81
25-June-2020 91 57
24-June-2020 44 83
23-June-2020 24 81
22-June-2020 09 25
20-June-2020 73 41
19-June-2020 52 95
18-June-2020 49 73
17-June-2020 97 01
16-June-2020 80 61
15-June-2020 67 38
14-June-2020 OFF OFF
20 March 2020 94 72
19 March 2020 92 36
18 March 2020 66 79
17 March 2020 23 18
16 March 2020 22 87
15 March 2020 OFF Sunday OFF Sunday
14 March 2020 94 81
13 March 2020 82 34
12 March 2020 40 71
11 March 2020 90 01
10 March 2020 24 96
09 March 2020 05 29
08 March 2020 OFF Sunday OFF Sunday
07 March 2020 79 73
06 March 2020 35 74
05 March 2020 65 18
04 March 2020 58 46
03 March 2020 04 32
02 March 2020 18 03
01 March 2020 OFF Sunday OFF Sunday

Juwai Teer  Results February 2020

Date FR SR
29 February 2020 88 16
28 February 2020 29 35
27 February 2020 61 72
26 February 2020 75 22
25 February 2020 20 66
24 February 2020 48 15
23 February 2020 OFF OFF
22 February 2020 28 18
21 February 2020 38 47
20 February 2020 65 21
19 February 2020 99 81
18 February 2020 08 41
17 February 2020 72 34
16 February 2020 XX XX
15 February 2020
14 February 2020 XX XX
13 February 2020 92 71
12 February 2020 XX XX
11 February 2020 09 60
10 February 2020 14 85
09 February 2020 XX XX
08 February 2020 62 96
07 February 2020 29 15
06 February 2020 16 84
05 February 2020 04 51
04 February 2020 65 81
03 February 2020 85 61
02 February 2020 XX XX
01 February 2020 20 76

Juwai Teer  Results January 2020

Date FR SR
31 January 2020 13 07
30 January 2020 64 94
29 January 2020 44 79
28 January 2020 93 30
27 January 2020 37 95
26 January 2020 XX XX
25 January 2020 11 87
24 January 2020 91 71
23 January 2020 56 09
22 January 2020 59 12
21 January 2020 02 32
20 January 2020 31 44
19 January 2020 XX XX
18 January 2020 07 81
17 January 2020 48 22
16 January 2020 05 04
15 January 2020 17 97
14 January 2020 22 31
13 January 2020 09 19
12 January 2020 XX XX
11 January 2020 73 78
10 January 2020 45 06
09 January 2020 12 58
08 January 2020 40 20
07 January 2020 35 09
06 January 2020 73 25
05 January 2020 XX XX
04 January 2020 70 97
03 January 2020 63 83
02 January 2020 99 21

What is Teer Game?

The name showed up from the Hindi word “teer” which means an arrow. This teer game is primarily famous in the north-east of India. We are calling this game an occasion in actuality dislike an opportunity. Since the event occurs in some time. In any case, these days, this game is played each day here.

The Significance of Juwai Teer Results in India 

  • Individuals are passionate about the Juwai teer game regardless of what the age is.
  • Therefore the need to get Juwai Teer result information is likewise very demanding.
  • Furthermore, as consistently, we are here to satisfy that requirement.
  • Additionally, to this state, we are also covering more places.
  • Take a look at these likewise for an additional result of this game.
  •  Khanapara Teer Result 
  • Shillong Teer Result

Juwai Teer results online today

Juwai Teer results online today will be revived here on this page and thank you for giving such love to our website. We are trying our best to provide all material related to Juwai Teer game and Juwai Teer online results here for your experience. In the article, we are discussing the Juwai Teer formula on a basic level and there is no guarantee to get a lucky number to get an achievement. As there are various Juwai Teer possibilities and a large part of these are giving accomplishment numbers, yet you cannot believe in a single formula for getting a prize. Every data we provide on this page is an undoubted requirement for your everyday success like house/finishing and direct numbers.

Should we explicit Juwai Teer versus Shillong Teer? 

             Juwai is a bit of Meghalaya, and an alternate Teer game is driven standard. If you should know more about Shillong teer, everything considered we have a given page for Shillong teer, generously keep an eye out Shillong teer results. Dear customers, We respect your feelings, so we decided to review this subject again here with the objective that your mind can without quite a bit of a stretch perceive the two.


Juwai Teer Counter 

As may you realize that in the Juwai city, we have numerous teer counters spread over the downtown. But, we need to put our attention just on the counters that are controlled by govt. Authorities. Always choose these counters for getting your tickets of Juwai teer game. Never trust some other outsider individual or organization. Continuously follow the guidance given by the organization of the Juwai teer counter.

Something imperative in Juwai teer! 

A couple of customers we have looked into on this issue have mentioned us about the Juwai square number and the booking number. In reality, a couple of teer numbers are obstructed due to various obscure clarification. We do give these blocked numbers list month to month to our superior people; these numbers are separated, particularly on express checks. So keep it in your mind before making any move.

Is there a definite number in Juwai teer? 

Our partners have investigated this; however, no end has been drawn. No fixed number or making teer number, No people from the teer.com can give these numbers. So in case, we are calling from our fake visitors to our advantage, we will alarm our customers to accepting any number. We give the teer prominent figures on our site, and Teer target numbers are provided to our outstanding part. You can check the wisdom in teer target numbers.

Juwai Teer Result 

We understand your confounding consideration (i.e.) what to look on Google? The strategy any word that says “Juwai Teer” or “Juwai Game.” We have to guarantee that these terms have a similar worth. So we suggest you stay at this page we will offer every response you can consider unbalanced Teer game and identify with “Juwai Teer.” Thankful for examining this article on this point as we all in all know “one should be steady. One may not feel it right now anyway; one will be overwhelmed when the almighty reveals his altruistic !!”. Our teer masters suggest you need to get different approaches to managing to gain ground in teer. In all probability, we will give every single expected device to be a master teer player on this page, yet you should play with information.

Juwai Teer Result today 

We endeavor to fuse all substances related to the topic “Juwai Teer.” So stay tuned and value everything related to the eventual outcomes of Teer Juwai for the time being! Sympathetically have patients as we will be the individual who will give you the results faster as and when the teer association reports the Juwai teer results.


  Juwai Teer Result





  Juwai Teer Previous Result 

It is safe to say that you are searching for the Juwai teer first round and second round full information sheets? Truly we are giving complete more seasoned information sheets of this game with both rounds of data to our clients. You ought to observe the previous Juwai teer information to discover any example which is ringing a bell. You need to have the understanding to find the relations between the player’s performance with the previous records. However, in any event, you can know the game better after observing this data.

It is the most foreseen game played in India. What’s more, do you know why this game is so prevalent in north-east India? It is because of the planning the game is held on. This game is played before numerous others from neighboring states. So individuals accept its score as reference for the following games nearby urban communities. Anyway, that isn’t a confirmation of any sort, yet they are trusting it for a long time.

Juwai Teer Common Number

Theseteer common number Sikkim state lottery results rely upon definite mathematical estimation done upon previous teer results. Most of the Teer Common/ Target Number of Khanapara, Shillong & Juwai Teer Results are provided.

Hit number for Juwai teer 

We likewise give hit Juwai numbers in any case called Juwai Teer Common numbers. You can take a gander at our site (Teer hit numbers or Teer Common numbers). We likewise can’t guarantee these teer hit numbers distributed on our website will be in results reliably. In any case, customers from all over India, despite everything, have a better than an average study of these Juwai common numbers. So play these numbers at your own risk. On account of the development of Teer players in Juwai Teer, regular number calculation has been c. Hence, get overtime, so it enables our group to embrace troublesome and sensible strategies on an ideal approach to recover Juwai hit numbers from pas. Yet, after results yet at the same time, we make sense of how to make 90% ground in standard Juwai Teer results!.

Common numbers today and dream numbers 

Teer Dream number means the number that you have seen last night’s dream. Allow us to include two or three things here today, which accept an unusual activity in the Juwai Teer game. We have quite recently discussed this point in Teer Common Numbers, make a conspicuous idea seeing it as included, and we need to uncover the issue to you successfully. Other than the teer dream number is isolated from our dream ( The previous night dream), which accepts a critical activity in gaining the ground of Teer game in our consistent life.

Juwai Teer Results FAQ

Q 1: What is Juwai teer?

This archery game has been licensed in only Juwai Ladrymbai. This game is played regularly.

Q 2: How Juwai teer is played?

This game is very simple. You can play Juwai teer by using arrows and bows.

Q 3: How to win Juwai teer?

There is no well-defined method to win the game of Juwai teer. If you are lucky enough, then you can easily win this game.

Q 4: What is the Juwai teer calculation formula?

You can find out the Juwai teer calculation formula on our website. But one thing should be clear, use this teer calculation formula at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any loss or benefit.

Q 5: How the Juwai common numbers are calculated?

Using the previous Juwai teer results, Juwai teer common numbers are calculated.

Q 6: What is meant by Juwai Teer Target?

In the archery game, numbers that are predicted to be the lucky numbers are called Juwai teer target numbers.

Q 7: What are Hit and Guti numbers in Juwai teer?

Numbers that are predicted to be played in Juwai teer are known as hit & Guti numbers.


Now you have a well understanding of this game. Additionally, we are likewise associated with the latest Juwai teer result for now on our website. We have also provided previous Juwai Teer Result and Dream Number here. If you have new and any confusion about his game you have to visit our website to remove your confusion. Our priority to satisfy our visitors. Finally, we can say play this game with a genuine heart and good intention.

Additionally, we are likewise associated with the most recent Juwai teer result for now on our website and each previous date. Finally, we can say play this game with genuine heart and sincere goals. Consider doing every single beneficial thing after your triumph and who realize you may get achievement this day itself. So, our good wishes are always with you and may you have to succeed soon. Thanks for your intention.