The betting games that are played in the Indian state Meghalaya include Shillong Teer, Khanapara Teer, Juwai Teer. The basic meaning of the word teer is “Arrow”.

Teer game:

Teer game is the story of dreams, tradition,  Archery is a very important game that can be played in Indian State Meghalaya. Teer game is an advanced type of archery and a source of income, especially for those people that are living in the Shillong and Khanapara. In the traditional era, the Teer game must be played with the help of the arrows. Teer game is the legal game that is played widely in Indian states and North-East. Rules and instructions of this game are quite simple.

Some instructions that must be known before participating in the teer game:

  • The age of the players should not be less than 18 years.
  • The players must buy the tickets from the licensed seller.
  • Purchase only two tickets in a day for one person.
  • Must carry authenticate residence and age ID Card.

Teer result

History of Teer game:

The historical background of Indian Teer game is very fascinating. This is the survival skill for most of the persons who use these skills for the survival of life and to fulfil the needs of life. Those persons fully depend on the Teer games for the survival of life. With the passage of time, this game changed into more meaningful ways. Now this game is played by most of the persons to get the food and fulfil the feeds of the family.

What is the Process of the Teer game?

To play the Teer game people can choose the different numbers from 0 to 99 & each number has a different price. People can buy these numbers from the counter that sell these numbers. A group of players starts the game by hitting a target point by the arrows. Every player hit 50 arrows. After hitting they count a number of arrows that hit the target. For example, if 750 arrows hit the target. The last two digits of this number will be winning numbers. So, the winning number will be 50 on that round or on that day.

Source of Income:

There are 5000 Teer counters in the Indian state Meghalaya and every counter needs a license to run the teer game. On the other hand, this game is a source of livelihood for approximately 10000 persons through betting and they can also sell the tickets to the other people to play the game.  In this game the person can interpret the dreams, more are the chances to win the game in a wonderful way. There are a lot of ways to interpret the dreams, but the main important way to interpret the dream is to translate these dreams into numbers and bet on these numbers and win the game. This game also gives the online opportunity to their players to play the teer game from different parts of the country. In this website, the people can see the results of the game on a daily basis and can enhance the detailed analytics of the game, its social network and also buying the tickets online.

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Teer Result:

In this website, the people from all over the world can see the teer result game that is played in Meghalaya. The website shows the Teer result Khanapara, Shillong Teer Results, Juwai teer previous result, and Night teer result. This Website can also provide the facility if you have any type of doubt in the result you can contact on call to the near teer counter centre to confirm the accuracy of the result.   All the citizens of the state Meghalaya are very interested and excited to see the result of this game. The state government also encourages people to participate more in this game. Parents should also encourage their children to take parts in this game. The government should also provide more facilities to that city in which the games are played. The teer result should be announced on a daily basis and updated daily. If a particular player is more expert in this game he can conduct this game at their regional level. This game is not only played in Shillong but also be played in the different regions as well as different countries.

Teer game prizes:

If a person wins the game and beats another person he will get the prize. If a person buys a number in 50 rupees and his number win he gets 4000 rupees after winning the game.

Khanapara Teer:

Khanapara that is located in India. It is situated in the extreme south of Guwahati. It is the core of regional transportation. You should search/check out the Khanapara teer common number today in the website before starting the game. Then you can buy the numbers and as well as teer hit number. Shillong teer hit number today is also called the Teer target number or Teer hit the number or Shillong teer hit number today.

How can I find Khanapara Teer Common number today?

The Khanapara teer common number today can be found based on the different formulas.  And we can also find out the number by checking the previous teer result khanapara as well as the dream number. It can also be depended by making the arithmetic as well as mathematical calculations based on the previous result of the game.

Assam Teer result

Shillong Teer:

It is situated in India and the capital of Meghalaya. This region is also considered as the “Scotland of the east”. Shillong is famous for the parks, rolling hills, waterfalls and quaint landforms. It receives heavy rainfall in the monsoon season and has a long rainy season. Shillong is the largest heart for this game.  In the traditional era, the game is only played on that day whenever an event occurs in this region but now a day the game is played on every day in this area.

How the Shillong Khanapara Teer common numbers game is played?

In Shillong Khanapara teer common numbers game in which players can throw the arrows one by on the target. And on the other side, the other person predicts the lucky or winning Shillong teer today common number that lies between 0 to 99. After completing the game the Shillong teer results or a winner can be announced on the basis of the targeted number. This game is played in two times a day in two shifts.

Juwai Teer: is the Chinese website for buyers of overseas property.  Juwai teer game is the game that can be played same as the Shillong teer game played. The result of the Juwai teer previous result is uploaded on the website on a daily basis.