bows arrow

Characteristic of the Archery:

This is a characteristic of the archery series that includes the Teer. If you look closely, it does not shoot sideways like modern archery but shoots forward.


A weapon that flies an elastic material, such as a tree, hangs a bow protest (bowline) and puts narrowing it, and blows an arrow with the elastic force of the bow. Mainly using wood as a material, but animal horn or bone, metal, plastic can write anything to have proper elasticity, such as fibreglass. Likewise, the protest part uses anything from a typical tulle to an animal’s tendon or chain. In general, a composite arch made by stacking several trees rather than a bow made of a single tree, and a synthetic arch using more various types of materials than a composite arch show a strong appearance, and each arches a representative synthetic arch.

Bows Features and its Performance

Sometimes there are people who are mistaken, but the bow is a weapon that uses the elasticity of a stick, and it is not a weapon that blows an arrow with the elasticity of an absolute protest. It is a misunderstanding that comes from seeing a toy bow that relies on the elasticity of protests made of rubber bands, as there are some weapons that fire projectiles with the elasticity of real rubber called slingshots, and the body is made of elastic-plastic. Since the weapon was made using the elasticity that comes out when the bow is bent, there is no elasticity in the protest. No, rather, if the protester is made of elastic bands such as rubber bands and pulled, the performance of the strings becomes weaker because the elasticity of the stick cannot be utilized due to the increase of the protesters. This is because the shape of the bow itself is a structure advantageous to use the elasticity of the bow rather than the demonstration. Even bows made with bamboo pieces and threads are blown away with a much stronger force than commercial toy bows.

Although it takes considerable time to handle skillfully, it has long been considered a threatening weapon.

Compared to the bow,

This also had its own pros and cons, so it couldn’t push the bow out in all areas. This is not. In other words, it can be regarded as a fighter weapon that defeated the whole world until gunpowder was invented.

As a melee weapon, there were a wide variety of weapons, but most of the places where civilization developed to some extent, as if spears or swords were the protagonists, long-range weapons, as a result, developed as civilizations, and in many cases, it eventually resulted in a bow. Weapons like wind guns traverse the bow in every way of penetration, range,

In the case of javelin, the penetration power is often superior to that of a bow, but the range is short, and the dialysis ball is excellent in armour, and the range is not as good as the bow, but it is difficult to build a fire net because it is impossible to form a dense and difficult to learn than a bow.


Since ancient times, the Korean people of the Korean Peninsula and Manchuria have used bows as their main weapon. Buyeo, Goguryeo, Baekje, etc., the people of the Buyeo people were originally from North Korea, and it was life itself as a horse riding a war or hunting with a bow.


number and period records show that China’s Northeastern peoples is an orangkare with a very good bow, which is said to be a huge headache on the northeastern border of China, and attempted to obtain such techniques and archery from China.

Horse riding and bow were also important subjects in the practical examination subjects that drew the appreciation of the Joseon Dynasty. Of the 7 subjects in the practical test, there were about 4 bows. Compared to a spear or a knife, both horse riding and a bow are difficult skills to train unless you have been trained for a long time since childhood. In addition, in order to compensate for the power of the short bow, which is insufficient compared to the longbow, composite bows using buffalo horns etc. were used from an early stage, and the baby’s technique with a large penetrating power developed. On the other hand, the use of spears or black swords, so the development of spear sword, spear, and sword weapons was lagging behind

Since many ancient stories related to bows, archery has been favoured and encouraged at the national level since ancient times. In particular,

Archery Main Reason to play

It seems to have been widely used for amusement purposes. There are also stories of gambling with archery … Tradition still remains, and the archery of older people still prevails in the palace. Of course, gambling is illegal under national law, so it is just a bet. Usually, I pick up the arrow rather than pay the money. Originally, the person with the lowest age is collecting arrows, but even in the ’80s when the bet is lost, he travels a distance of 290m to give an arrow for a teenager. If you hit it because it is uncomfortable, it will dry out. In addition to this, they are called as knitting yarns, and they divide the side at events such as reshuffling to play against the Jung (affiliate team) or within the village.

The best thing to hit at the India Archery is Sue Gun gung, made of buffalo horns. (Black Palace). However, there was not enough buffalo in Assam to be used as a bow material. Some mentioned a water buffalo brought to Island while negotiating about the purchase of Japanese merchants and pepper seeds. However, it seems that the number was insufficient because the buffaloes were not used when making the bow. It is said that although the breeding was successful in Khanapara, the king wanted to see him and he was dragged to Hanyang and died. Because of this, all of the ingredients had to be imported from China, Japan, and Ryukyu.

However, in the sense of checking in China, the quantity was limited, and Ryukyu was captured by Japan and could only be imported from Japan. In order to replace the buffalo horns, it was called Hyanggakgung in the late Joseon Dynasty. The material of glue used to glue the horn bow they are fish in the swim bladder, inter alia,croakerhit the swim bladder of the best. However, the bow made of this horn was vulnerable in the rainy season and summer because the glue used as glue melted when it was too moist. This is mentioned in the four-bulge theory that Lee Seong-gye insisted during the Wihwado army. At this point, I wonder if I should have developed an adhesive other than glue, but of course, my ancestors have tried it once. Even if it comes, there is no exception except for a part of urethane. The bow body of the modern palace gives up adhesiveness and pulls out composite materials such as fibreglass.

colorful bows


The bow was a weapon loved by Arab culture. The reason is that it was the weapon that the Prophet Muhammad praised, (SAW) and in fact, Muhammad is also known as outstanding archery in the Arabs. The record of Muhammad and the bow is also revealed in Hadith, and since then he used to inspire archers in the name of Muhammad in the war.

Even before Muhammad (SAW), the archers of the Arabs were known to have been largely excellent shooters. Syrian archers were then dispatched to help ancient Rome, and Syrian archers’ tombstones were erected on Hadrian’s Wall. According to field archaeologist Mike Bishop, these were the people who devoted their lives to honing archery. Also, Syrian archers mainly used synthetic bows, which allowed shooting at a distance farther than the bow of the time.

On the other hand, in Europe, except for the United Kingdom, the bow was stolen and the crossbow became mainstream, while the Arab record did not remain so hard to find. The reason is that the brain was accepted as an alien foreign culture and even disgusted. For this reason, in the Arabs, the crossbow was called “bow with afoot”, “Frank’s bow”, “bolt bow” and so on. However, it wasn’t that the crossbow was completely rejected, or the Reconquista, heavily armed in the Nasser dynasty. It was used in battle with the field instead of the bow, and there is a record that Mamluk horsemen used the crossbow.

 In modern times,

there are various historical sources of Arab archery that have been passed down in modern times. An organization called Fédération Arabe de Tir a L’Arc (FATA) is headquartered in Lebanon, and is registered as a member of the World Archery Federation and continues to actively exchange externally.

Comparison with Musket

Musket had no steel wire and no primer. Speakers were difficult, precision was very poor, and storage in the field was difficult. Nevertheless, the performance of the bow was overwhelmed.


The bow itself is not a simple thing.

Complex production process

First, synthetic palaces are made of glue-like glue using composite materials such as horns, bones, tendons, and trees. It is relatively simple compared to synthetic bows, and it is simple compared to synthetic bows. It is time-consuming and time-consuming because craftsmen cut each piece of wood to pick up the timber by using straight wood without any rotten parts.

On the other hand, because of the nature of the gun, if it is a blacksmith that can be manufactured, it can produce quite a few iron products, so it is possible to cultivate and maintain it even during normal times. A craftsman capable of making and attaching complex parts such as triggers and gunpowder plates as well as gun barrels that must withstand the explosive explosion of gunpowder by hand without the aid of a machine is an advanced engineer. In addition, mass production through the economy of scale was possible because the general blacksmiths were trained and quickly developed in the mass distribution of the exhibition.

Difficulty in Supplying Materials

Organic materials such as glue, ox horn, tendon, and dried wood are in the hands of nature as they are from nature, so the supply and demand are not limited to humans. When it was made, it was unsuitable for mass production, such as the fact that the glue was moist or the horns cracked and defective products continued to burn until the season.

In addition, compared to the arrows and bullets of the launch chain, these differences are more noticeable. Arrows are expensive organic materials (feathers, candle holders, wood chips, etc.) and can be made with as much effort as the bow, making it difficult to supply. At this time, the bullet was made by pouring soldiers into moulds, so it was not necessary to supply them from the rear, so it was no problem for the soldiers to make and use them.

On the other hand, mineral materials such as firearm metals and gun powder are much more advantageous when produced, stored and transported in bulk than materials obtained from certain trees, animal horns, tendons and feathers. Therefore, due to the nature of the production process, the initial construction cost is slightly higher, but the larger the operating scale, the more economical. Of course, the early days of the ingredients for making explosives cornerstone, except for certain areas, such that only the mass harvesting was hard, though, a certain quantity was not available anywhere in the glass when the glass did more than the minimum bow disadvantage. In addition, if both the production and use include the labour cost of a bow that requires long training, the gun will outpace the bow in economic terms, unless it is quite a small group.

Of course, this is the story of the production facilities. If the production equipment is primitive, the bow is better. Smokeless powder for modern ammunition in these days, it is not easy to obtain unless the military, weapons factories, guns, etc. are robbed, and the parts and structure of the gun are too complex for the general public to make. On the other hand, if you have a strong fishing line or a rope with PVC pipes and bamboo, you can make a bow with sufficient killing power. As mentioned above, it is difficult for the general public to obtain gunpowder.


Modern bows, such as target recurve and compound bow, are easy to raise their accuracy if they keep their postures consistent with the development of technology and aim at the zero points of the aimer. However, in the past, Archer’s paradox, where the aiming is changed according to the stiffness of the arrow, and at the same time, because the bow is not located at the centre of aiming due to the bow, the bow must be aimed and aimed deliberately when shooting, and there is no scale to increase the accuracy. It was difficult to aim due to the nature of the bow, even though it was skilled, and the arrows were easily affected by the weather, including wind, making it difficult to use. That is why the British Empire’s longbow soldiers had been trained for many years and wanted to hit some (perhaps long-range) targets.

In the days when guns were also distributed in the form of the musket, the hit ratio fell to the general level. Muskets often have no scale, like a shotgun. Nevertheless, if you were skilled, you could have a hit ratio compared to My gung. As mentioned above, the reason why the Musket’s accuracy rate was low in the infantry era was largely due to the proficiency of hitting the bottom of the soldiers and the refusal to kill the soldiers. The jihadists in the same period or the soldiers who suffered from frequent invasion after being invaded were reluctant to murder with revenge, religious faith, and anger. In Europe, Napoleon’s Imperial Guard firefighters were also good at shooting with muskets…

Actually approached picked up the musket the British Empire seudeon million barrels longer extends changed the design of the barrel famous in the world battle nations called one of the Bedouin of the musket and Afghanistan jezail is eopeotneunde bar, in fact, different from the original, except the barrel length, the British Cheong Chong-class fraud Weapons I was afraid. In fact, there is no difference between both of them. Why you can try a bow armed forces had shot and a mini wire outrageous that the combination of the former decorated rifle came out such hope is gone, Manda.