A lottery game is a form of gambling that involves the chosen number at random and won the prizes—lottery game invented by the Chinese Han Dynasty between 205 to 187 BC. And the first recorded signs are Keno slip. The amount of these lottery games has believed to help finance major government projects like “Great Wall of China.”

In some countries, the government’s gambling is illegal, while, in others, these are legal and organized as a national or state lottery. The government also find some degree of regulation in the lottery game. The most popular games that played in the United States and some other countries during the 19th century at the beginning of the 20th century. 


Best sites for online Lottery Game in India

In India, the lottery game is legal by the government. Many online sites provide the lottery game. In 2020, the best online site of the lottery game is listed as 

  • Lottoland
  • NetBet
  • com
  • The Lotter
  • PlayHugeLottos
  • Multilotto
  • Lotto 247
  • Win Trillions
  • LottoSmile
  • Lottokings

The Lotter

These are the best for game choice lottery site. It is claimed that this site, including in the biggest lottery site of the world, as well as local and daily draws. 

  • From this site, you will buy a ticket on your behalf from licensed lottery retailers than scan the ticket and match to the appropriate transaction and get winning prize without commission. 
  • Form this lottery site, an Iraqi man won $6.4 million, and women from Panama won $30 million, and millions of other players won the prizes. 
  • These sites also provide Ticket messenger service and provide lotto information, daily draw result, and lotto news. 
  • This site also stored your physical lottery tickets securely until all prizes draw and expire the ticket. 
  • The logo of this site is

Lotto 247

This is the online lottery site Best for Diverse Game Catalogue. In this site, you can buy an online lottery ticket from the official retailer and win prizes.

  • This site has a variety of payment methods so you can pay easily and effectively.
  • This site claimed that they work with the best in online security that’s why you feel safe when playing on this site.
  • They also provide customer support, so you must improve your game.
  • The logo of this site

LottoSmile India

This lottery site is best for a bundle ticket. You can purchase a lottery ticket from this site online to your favorite, local and international lotteries. The best thing about this site, it claimed that you could buy lottery tickets easily and enjoying your game peacefully and comfortably at home. This site worked for years and had a fantastic winner in LottoSmile India. In this site, you must found stories of winners that went from rags to riches latterly overnight and changed their lives. The logo of this site shows below 


This site is Best for Guaranteed Payouts. Website licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and regulated Gambling Commissioner under the Gibraltar Gambling Act 2005. This site offering online bets on the results of more than 30 different lottery draws. Lottoland claims a customer base of more than 6 million people from twelve different countries and It generated sales of over 300 million euros in 2016. It also criticized because it takes money for good causes and charities. The logo of this site is 


This site Best for Syndicate Lotteries. This site claims playing the lottery game is very simple. You choose the lottery you like, then select the number of tickets, you want to play with this game. This site offers the quick pick option where the system selects your lucky numbers for you then finishes the order, and you’ve secured your stake in the next available draw. The logo of this site is


This site Best for Safety and Security. It claims all transactions secure 100% and protected by the company. If you don’t feel satisfied with the policy of Wintrillions.com than you will give a full refund without any question. The logo of this site is


NetBet is online gaming, poker, and sports betting platform. This website operated by NetBet Enterprise Ltd, headquartered in Malta. Its best for customer service. It claims to provide 100% random results on all games, NetBet uses two separate random number generators, the ISAAC generator, and a Thermal noise generator. The logo of this site is



PlayHugeLottos.com is an online hybrid lottery company and provide betting service with more than 15 years of experience. In this site, customers can see the previous draw result of all lotteries games. It also offers several different game options, including Rapid Play, Bundles, IntelliPlayand Rapid Play.


Jackpot.com is an online lottery game site in India. This site best for jackpot availability and provides custom services. Jackpot.com claims, it is safe and secure for playing lottery games.


MultiLotto is an online betting service provider. It claims that this site is well organized, safe, and easy to navigate. They also provide 20 International lottery games and the best customer service team and a variety of payment options available on this site.



The top online lottery game sites listed at the start of this article are checked and tested. They fulfill our criteria and during the time that we were digging on their websites. These sites proved themselves as they are more reliable and accommodating. These sites are licensed and compose the needed certificates, both of security and fairness. These sites are amicable by the customers is, and you will not have any trouble if you choose one of them.