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Archery derived from the Latin word “arcus,” which means “an elastic band around the base of arolium or pad around the end of the legs of some insects.” Teer is the game, art, or skill by using a bow to shoot an arrow at the definite target. It is the oldest humankind activity. In the past, it can be used for hunting, food, and combat. But in the modern era, it is a part of our sports activities and mainly a competitive sport and millions of rupees expand on this Teer game. A person and player who plays this game called an archer or bowman and bow and teer games free sometimes who expert this game called a toxophilite.

If you want to start this game first, you get a correct bow. There are many kinds of bow available in the market, such as longbow, horse bows, compound bows, recurve, and many other shapes—the most important to choose those bow that excited you to shooting. If you are not able to purchase your bow it also offers by some archery shop for rent then you find an excellent range and follow the instruction of the game hit many arrows on the target, you have to focus on the detail of every shoot and remember to aim small, miss small.

  • Every man can gain the following skill from Archery.
  • It helps to develop intense focus and concentration.
  • It helps to gain clarity of mind.
  • It is allowing your mind to withdraw from the distraction and noise e of everyday life.
  • It allows your mind fresh and active by removing all stresses.
  • Become a hunter and harvest their meat.
  • Discipline is a critical component of your practice.

There are many Teer games on android, but few ones are good. A good archery game for android has

  • Decent arrow physics
  • Decent aim mechanics
  • Good game feature
  • Fun stuff to shoot
  • Easy to play and handle
  • Easy to run on mobile
  • Give different option

Here we have listed the best Teer game for android.

  1. Archery Elite
  2. Archery Physics Shooting Challenge
  3. Archery Master 3D
  4. Stickman archery games
  5. Archery World Champion 3D
  6. Archery King
  7. Bow masters
  8. Archery Big Match
  9. Tiny Archers
  10. Elite Archery

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1. Archery Elite

It is the most exciting 3D first-person shooting archery game. It plays one of the most famous modern sport games in the Olympic. It is effortless to play. You just use your bow and arrows and hit different targets to get high scores. Now it’s free to play with your friends and relatives and become a bow and arrow master. In which, you can experience various archery mode. You invite your relatives and friends via Facebook and compete and shooting on different targets.

  • It stimulates hunting mode, Leopard, Pheasant, Moose, Bear. Archer goes to shoot more animals and compete with hunters.
  • You invite your friends from Facebook and play with each other and engage in archery competitions.
  • Real-time 1 vs. one match.
  • You compete with another archery hero around the World.
  • Multiple shooting archery galleries, Archery Field, Lawn, Iceland, Coast, etc.
  • You are real 3D and diverse equipment.
  • You unlock hundreds of shooting archery levels to be the best one.
  • You are chatting with your competitor in the match while playing with friends.
  • In single game mode, you improve your archery skills.
  • You have customized particular types of equipment.

2. Archery Physics Shooting Challenge

The title of this game is unique in the archery games World. It’s the right choice for those players who dislike free to play. Its prices $0.99 and has no additional charges in-app purchasing. The feature of this game has 70 levels, such as surprisingly decent graphics, support for offline play games, suitable bow and arrow flight mechanics, and basic target shooting games. Projectile motion for simulating arrow shooting physics.

The feature of this game is

  • Decent bow and arrow.
  • Action-based camera with slow-motion effects.
  • Decent and beautiful graphics.
  • It’s an entirely one-time paid game, so you will not spend any taxes inside.
  • Seventy unique and mind are relaxing incredible levels.
  • Very simple to play one-button controls.
  • You either win or lose, and there is no point and reward system.
  • There are also some amusing moments inside.
  • Beautiful maps, environment, and very relaxing background music.

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3.Archer 3D Game

Archery Master 3D is the most popular and realistic 3D graphic game on android. Many players all over the world play this game. It delivers an ultrarealistic experience. In this game, you are simply hit the target at some distance and wins the coin for new bows and arrows. At this time, you have found thousands of reviews on Google play store. The critical feature of this game is 

  • Decent 3D and beautiful graphic.
  • Simple to control and play.
  • It provides four picturesque as Rain forest, Deadly desert, Pin forest, and Archery field.
  • It has polished animation and realistic 3D graphics.
  • There is a 20+ elaborate archery equipment design.
  • In this game, 100+ addictive levels in normal mode.
  • Many players all over the World compete online in this game.

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4. Stickman Archery Game

There is a variety of decent archery games with the Stickman title develop by many developers on android. We are tried a few of them and observe that all the gameplay more or less than the same way. In this game, you play as a stickman and shoot bad guys. Due to bloodsheds, we are not recommended this game for children. The feature of this game is

  • Plenty of bloodsheds.
  • Some puzzle elements or more.
  • Very simple to play and control.
  • Hilarious moments inside it.
  • Beautiful environment and maps and most relaxing background.
  • Decent bows and arrows.

5. Archery World Champion 3D

It is also one of the most massive up and coming archery games on android. Everyone can play this game. Very simple to play just aim and shoot the target. This is a free archery game, and you play this game with people around the World. This game has 390 rounds of a single game, 390 rounds of hunting, and 270 rounds of the dual match. The feature of this game is

  • Simple to control.
  • Decent but not the most polished game.
  • Create a variety of archery equipment.
  • There are a variety of available tools.
  • You play a game with the world archery champions.
  • You also get cloud saving.

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6. Archery King

It is the most popular and decent archery game on android right now. It free to play and easily control. Players improve their archery skills by playing this game. It has multiple game modes, including archers, hit targets through obstacles, online PvP, and many balloons to pop.

Game feature:

  • It competes 1-on-1 in classic or rush game mode.
  • It customizes your gaming experience by hundred of many archery combinations.
  • In this game, you will always face different new challenges, and by completing these challenges, you became the World’s best archer.
  • You download Archery King by Miniclip.
  • This game requires an active internet connection.

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7. Bowmaster

Bowmaster is another famous teer game on android. Free of cost to play and readily available on play store. It plays a little bit the same as Angry Birds. This game has various weapons, multiple game modes, and boasts 41 characters.

  • Good game feature.
  • There are 41 characters from all dimensions absolutely for free.
  • It provides 41 different types of weapons.
  • It provides fantastic facilities and decent arrow physics.
  • Decent aim mechanics.
  • Play with your friends and show them what you’re worth.
  • It provides multiple game modes.
  • You simply shoot birds or fruits down, defeat the enemies in duels and get money for that.
  • The endless reward for your skill.

8.Archery Big Match

Archery Big Match is a simple archery game with decent qualities. It’s readily available for android user, people go to their android play store and download easily. In this game, the players aim at moving targets and try to shoot the bullseye. The set includes local multiplayer, offline, and various items to help your gameplay. It supports 16 languages and multiple game modes but not surprising graphics. It seems to be one of the best archery games for the android user because its free to play, and the players enjoyed many features like the wind affect the flying ability of arrow. The functionality of this game is

  • Use different tools wisely that will increase your archery skill.
  • It was compatible with android mobile phone and other devices like Tablet.
  • You enjoy mini-game and win a useful item.
  • It supports different 16 languages.
  • It supported multi-play.
  • It supported offline versus mode.
  • You also enjoy extra game mode with time.
  • It also supports leaderboard and achievements.

archery bowmaster

9.Tiny Archery

Tiny Teer is another popular archery game on android. It free to play, and people enjoyed many features of this game. It plays a little bit the same as angry birds and mix tower of defence. In this game draw, you bow and save your tower or kingdom from the bad guy. You kill your opponent and become the best Tiny Archery in this fantasy, challenging, and action game. The feature of this game is

  • The set includes four amazing characters as an elf, Beastmaster, human and dwarf
  • It includes different enemies
  • Very simple to play and easily control
  • Free of cost to play
  • You can fight with an army of goblins, skeleton, and troll with various special arrow abilities and layers of attack
  • In this challenge yourself with different four-story mode
  • More than 130 unique defence level
  • You train your archery skill and kill your enemies quickly
  • You also upgrade your character to discover the new skill and collect magic arrows
  • Chatting with your friends and share your picture or request for help
  • You also experienced the difficulties of the hard mode levels
  • You explore your skill and discover new locations like dwarf mines, valleys, hunted graveyards, forests, and elf cities…

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10.Elite Archer

Elite Teer is another popular archery game. It is readily available on the play store. The graphics of this game are above average and 600 level with limited-time game modes. It’s free to play and has a lot of features like a ton of gear to collect and more. The mechanics of this game are simple enough. In Elite Archer, each hit is an accurate calculation of the strength and speed of the wind. Shooting the golden ring is the goal. Focus on the game, keep proper training, and become the world archery champion.

Game features: 

  • It includes many limited-time game modes and offline play mode.
  • It includes 600 levels of single-player training levels in-game.
  • It also allows the player to enjoy an excellent archery effect.
  • It is a very Impressive game and fantastic background music.